Launching in 2022

Indigo Health was originally founded by Dr. Mark Zetin and Robert Altman to provide an automated and comprehensive diagnostic solution to practicing mental health clinicians.

Since then, the company has turned its attention to the provision of patient on-boarding, diagnostic screening and treatment tracking solutions for clinicians.

Executive Team

Mark Zetin, M.D.
Original Founder

Mark was a licensed psychiatrist who practiced in Orange County, CA, treating adults with a variety of mental health conditions. He was also involved in researching and developing computerized psychiatric diagnostic solutions and published an early paper in Cyberpsychology and Behavior on the matter.

Before his untimely death in 2017, he was working with Robert in developing a tool that would automate psychiatric diagnoses for mental health clinicians, thus giving birth to Indigo Health.

Robert Altman, M.D.
​​CTO & President

Robert spent 31 years building real-time aircraft and avionics simulators at McDonnell Douglas / Boeing before taking early retirement.

It was then that Robert and Mark started working together on the online mental health assessment tool that would eventually become the focus of Indigo Health.

Girish Subramanyan, M.D.
​​​CEO & Chief Product Officer

Girish is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in San Francisco, CA who has a deep interest in the role that technology could play in improving the field of mental health.

He has advised a number of digital mental health technology companies. He joined Indigo Health in 2017 to lead product and business development at the company.

Lynda Bjornson, PhD

Lynda is a licensed psychologist who practices in Orange County, CA. Her areas of specialty include neuropsychology and biofeedback.

At Indigo, she is involved in marketing and sales, as well as all financial aspects of the company.

Our Goal

Our initial goal at Indigo Health is to simplify the lives of practicing clinicians, by automating several workflow processes that clinicians face on a daily basis, so that they can spend more time doing the things that drew them to the field in the first place.

A more ambitious, longer-term goal of the company is to provide clinical decision support tools to mental health practitioners, by developing predictive algorithms for patient diagnoses and treatment response.

We're Here for You 24/7

Indigo Health is dedicated to making your life easier as a practicing mental health clinician and to helping you deliver the best possible care to your patients.

Our backgrounds as practicing clinicians sets us apart in understanding the needs of clinicians and patients. We maintain a culture of openness and learning at Indigo Health. We welcome your input and feedback at any time.

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