The Indigo Platform

Indigo is a new patient onboarding, screening
and treatment-tracking solution for mental health practices

The Indigo Platform

Onboarding Features

Patient information

Collect all relevant patient information, including emergency contact info, insurance info, pharmacy info.

Chief complaint

See your patients' chief complaints and presenting symptoms before meeting them.

Mental health screening

Indigo provides comprehensive mental health screening to detect depression, mania, bipolarity, anxiety, obsessive compulsive symptoms, post-traumatic symptoms, attention-deficit symptoms, alcohol abuse, personality disorders, eating disorders and psychotic disorders.

Practice information

Provide basic information to new patients about your practice.

Practice forms Coming soon

Upload your practice forms for patients to review

E-signatures Coming soon

Obtain signatures on your practice forms

Screening and Monitoring Features

Indigo Health Report

Receive a comprehensive report on new patients before meeting them, including their presenting symptoms/chief complaints, summary of rating scale data, individual rating scale data, etc.

Potential Diagnoses

Review potential diagnoses that may affect your patient based upon screening instruments

Assign rating scales

After meeting your patient, assign follow-up rating scales for them to complete at regular intervals, to follow their progress in treatment


Enter patient diagnoses

Treatment Information

And treatment information to help develop our artificial intelligence algorithms

Track progress

Visualize your patients' progress graphically over time to see if they are getting better, worse or have flat-lined in their progress.

Download patient data

Download data from Indigo to upload to your electronic health records


Use Indigo to conduct research on your practice and patients

1 month of free trial available now

Rest assured. We take privacy very seriously at Indigo.
​Hosted on Microsoft Azure and fully HIPAA-compliant, so that your patients' PHI remains secure.